M.U.M & Minus proudly presents "Miami Sessions with Magda"- M.U.M- Episode 51

Rod B. & Alvaro Garfunk bring you the Miami Underground Movement

With the release of her solo STOP EP on Minus, Magda can finally afford to take stock of a
whirlwind few years that have seen the insatiable demand for her very special blend of house and
techno carry her the length and breadth of the globe.
November 2005 and Magda’s set is reaching its climax at London’s Fabric. One moment she’s
pounding the crowd with her very own 48 Hour Crack In Your Bass, the next the hairs on the
back of 500 necks simultaneously stand to attention as the moody chords from Strafe’s all time
classic Set It Off produce a collective gasp of appreciation from the dancefloor. She’s in the
zone, unphased by the raucous response she’s generating. Virtually hidden by the racks of fx
units and monitors surrounding her, she remains a picture of calmness, dictating the play with a
cool hand.
It’s easy to see why she’s one of the most exciting prospects to breakthrough in recent years.   
Magda makes things happen. Always has done, always will do.
Currently residing in Berlin, a relative stone’s throw from her home town of Zywiec in Poland
considering the nomadic existence of her childhood, she seems to have finally found a city that
mirrors her own attitude to life - no restrictions and certainly no compromise. It’s a philosophy
that also flows through Magda’s music particularly during her after hour sets. The ability to guide
her audience through the dark recesses of contemporary minimalism before delivering them back
safely into the light means her name is never far from the lips of discerning clubbers and fellow
DJs alike.
Her family left Zywiec for Texas in 1984 when she was nine before finally settling in Detroit in
1986. All this traveling around from one starkly contrasting environment to another, taught her to
deal with new challenges and to adapt to new situations pretty quickly, lessons that have
subsequently helped her deal with the often hectic life of a touring DJ. Always the outsider, the
concept of ‘home’ was never as straightforward as it is for some. Sometimes though, home isn’t
a physical location, it’s a state of mind and when she first turned up at a warehouse party a
couple of blocks from where she’d grown up in the tough district of Hamtramck, she knew she’d
found it. This initial foray into the Detroit underground culminated in the mind-blowing experience
that was Spastik - Richie Hawtin’s first Plastikman PA. She was hooked. 
Within a few months, armed with a cheap pair of belt drive turntables and an unquenchable thirst
for vinyl, she’d moved from one side of the shop counter to the other at the influential Record
Time store and had also persuaded the bar where she worked to put on a monthly techno night
with Claude Young and Daniel Bell. Her enthusiasm was totally infectious and they soon asked
her to warm up for them. In conversation it’s clear to see how much the lack of attitude and
unconditional support from Bell in particular has shaped Magda’s own way of doing things.
Then, inspired by her mother’s ‘dark and surreal’ art she decided to study Graphic Design in
New York state but soon realized music was the most natural medium for her self expression.
Nevertheless, this abstract influence can still be found in her music production, juxtaposing as
she does warm, thick swathes of sound with jagged little hi hat patterns, sometimes lazy,
sometimes clinical but always purposeful and expressive.  
On returning to Detroit she met Richie Hawtin at one of the legendary Hot Box parties where a
mutual friend introduced her. It was the first of what turned out to be a couple of chaotic
encounters that eventually led to the invitation of a gig at Hawtin’s 13 Below night. It was there
she first met Marc Houle. Their off-beat humor quickly developed into an unshakeable
friendship and Magda was soon lodging with Marc in Windsor where their musical symbiosis
started laying the foundations for 2003’s Run Stop Restore project together with Troy
By this time she’d already cut her teeth on the main stage, regularly performing at the System
raves in Detroit and as part of the Women on Wax collective. Things don’t always go
according to plan though, and by 1999 Magda was pretty much fed up with the ‘scene politics’
that seemed directly at odds with the feelings she’d first encountered. She took a step back,
followed her heart and immersed herself in the minimal sounds scuttling out of Germany in
particular (i.e Brinkmann, Perlon, Kompakt). The resulting bootleg CD mix - Fact and Friction -
won her a new set of admirers and consolidated her growing relationship with Hawtin, opening
for him at the millennium celebration EPOK and also forming part of an enviable line up at the
Plus 8 ten year anniversary party From Our Minds To Yours. Since then she has become his
sole choice as opening DJ, accompanying him on both European and Stateside tours. 
The new millennium brought a host of new digital technology with it, most notably Final Scratch
and when she wasn’t on the road she could be found wiling away the hours transferring Hawtin’s
vast record collection into the digital domain. At the time there were only about ten DJs using
Final Scratch and while others regarded it with suspicion, Magda was quick to see the potential,
re-editing her favorite tracks to further enhance the distinctive flavor of her sets. She shies away
slightly from the ubiquitous ‘minimal’ tag, citing Chicago Jack and Acid as equally significant
ingredients in her sound but whichever way you look at it, she is part of a movement that is
rapidly redefining electronic dance music as we know it. Turntables, laptops, samplers and efx
units now clutter her DJ booth as the wall between traditional DJing and ‘on the fly’ production
starts to crumble.   
And so, the Minus train rumbles on, forging a relentless path through new, uncharted territory.
Magda however, remains refreshingly free from the burden of expectation. Genuinely surprised
by the trajectory her life has taken yet deeply aware of the responsibility she has to her growing
army of fans, she faces the future with the same wide-eyed, ‘devil may care’ attitude that has
always accompanied her from city to city, from airport to airport, from disco to disco. A lonely
existence? For some maybe but Magda knows more than most that home is where the heart is. 
Berlin is a fickle friend, a city that throws up unlimited scope and unseen perils in equal
measures. A muse to some - spurring them on to new heights of creativity, a vampire’s kiss to
others - intoxicating at first, it eventually sucks them dry, leaving a hollow shell with nothing left
but dreams of what might have been. Luckily, Magda already had something of the night about
her when she arrived in 2003 and, liberated from the clutches of New York’s draconian attitude
to club culture, she took to the Berlin underground like a fish to water. The notorious Beatstreet
afterhour parties got the energy coursing through her veins once more and she immediately set
about reevaluating and redefining her relationship to the music.
An intense flurry of activity followed. Together with Troy Pierce and Marc Houle, Magda began
exploring new production possibilities, honing her turntable skills and extending her dj sets in
order to satisfy the insatiable appetites of Berlin’s club kids. The transition was by no means
straight forward, taking both time and dedication but the hybrid sound that emerged, drawing
inspiration from the twin towers of Berlin and Detroit, has gone on to capture the imagination of
clubbers the world over.
In this sense, last year’s mix compilation She’s a Dancing Machine represents the first
volume of her audio-biography and sums up the ambition that drives this diminutive figure behind
the decks. Somehow finding the time to throw down an epic 70 track, multi-layered excursion
between the 130 shows she clocked up in 2006 (never mind the afterhours) really cemented her
reputation, topping off a year that also saw her hold successful residencies at Robert Johnson
(Offenbach), Technique (Leeds) and Fuse (Brussels) plus numerous appearances at festivals
around the globe such as Lowlands, Sonar, The Detroit Music Festival and Mutek.
Yet despite reaching the enviable position of being able to choose her gigs, there is no room for
complacency. Shouldering the increasing weight of expectation she has come to expect the
unexpected, in fact adversity has often propelled her on to greater things. There’s also a sense of
duty to keep pushing the envelope and this year she’ll be expanding her set-up to incorporate
new technology in addition to the delay pedals and edits that already give her sets their
distinctive flavour. It’s a move that should blur the boundaries between studio production and live
performance even further and will no doubt help formulate ideas for her upcoming album which
promises to be another continuous exploration into deep, dark, minimal disco. 
However before that there’s a string of remixes to enjoy for 2007 including Heartthrob’s Baby
Kate (Minus), Gotham Road by Ryan Crosson (Trapez) and Louderbach (Underline). It’s also
worth keeping an eye on Items and Things, the new label from Magda, Marc and Troy that’s
home to their more abstract, off the wall creations. 
Someone once said‚ the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Well, Magda
has definitely put in the work although she’s happier leaving the definition of success to others.
The arrival is superfluous. Just like her late night musical excursions, it’s the journey that’s
important and with it the desire to maintain the high standards she sets and feed the creative
hunger within - if that’s also good enough for us, then so be it.
Special Thanks to Mr Meike Nolte,Rudy Delgado & Richie Hawtin



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M.U.M proudly presents "Miami Sessions with Dj DRI.K Live @ Cream Brazil 08"- M.U.M- Episode 50

Rod B. & Alvaro Garfunk bring you the Miami Underground Movement


A regular in most of the electronic music parties in Rio de Janeiro, her hometown, DJ DRI.K is always surprising with her modern and fashionable style. It's been some years since her first mixes, but only in July 2006 she believed in your talent and turned the hobby into profession and attended a workshop at Scratch DJ Academy in New York/US.
In Brazil she has played in several top clubs, such as: Cream Brasil (RJ), Space Ibiza (RJ), Claro Rio Summer PVT (RJ), Privilège Juiz de Fora (MG), The Week (RJ), Fosfobox (RJ), Dama de Ferro (RJ), Club 69 (RJ), Nuth Lounge (RJ), Pátio Lounge (RJ), Hotel Ouro Verde (RJ), Pub Monte Cristo (Niterói/RJ), Pepper's Club (Campos/RJ), Emporium (Friburgo/RJ), Manhattan (Friburgo/RJ), Wall Street (Vitória/ES), Amnésia (Juiz de Fora/MG), Nite Club (Maringá/PR), Car Wash Lounge (Maringá/PR), Nut Club (São José do Rio Preto/SP), Somma Lounge (Anápolis/GO), Bielle (Cascavel/PR), Verão TIM (RJ), Arena Morro da Urca (RJ), ZOOF (Rondonópolis/MT), I Love Electro (RJ), Luxury (Niterói/RJ), A Festa (Hípica RJ), E.Motion (Campos/RJ), Fisiofantasy (Friburgo/RJ), Pink Up! (RJ), Working In The House (Maringá/PR), Lost Girls (Valença/RJ), Original (Volta Redonda/RJ) e Seven 2nd Edition (RJ). Furthermore, she was the only djane who played at the special programming of Wheel Skol during the 2008 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, where also played Mason (Holland), Eric Entrena (Spain), Tom Craft (Germany) and others.
Abroad, played at: We Love Brazil Pool Party during Winter Music Conference 2007 at Carlton Hotel, We Love Brazil Party during Winter Music Conference 2008 at Club Jazid and at the Opening Cocktail of UC Music in Miami Beach, also played at Great Scott in Boston/MA, The Liberty Bar (Philadelphia/PA), Guitar Bar (NJ), Mood Lounge(NJ), Chris Michael's Lounge (NJ), Adega Lounge (NJ), The White Room (Buenos Aires/AR), Kalypso (Pag Island/HR), Exit (Vodice/HR), Crossroad (Malinska/HR) and Magnus (Senj/HR).
She has also played with: Deadmau5 (CA),  John Acquaviva (CA), Funkagenda (UK) Alex Gaudino (IT), Laidback Luke (PH), Dusty Kid(IT), The Flash Brothers (IL), Tino Morgado (UK), Thomas Penton (EUA), Anneli (SE), Gui Boratto (BR), Marky (BR), Memê (BR), among others.
She had two djsets selected for the "Leggo My Demo", party which brings together some of the best house DJs of Southern Florida to listen to the best djset of the month, selected among DJs from all around the world, at The Rooftop Lounge in Miami Beach. At the Internet, her djsets played at Multishow FM/BR, Push Radio/USA and Beatbox FM/BsAs, besides she had her own show 'Electro Emotion' for several months at Agita Net Radio/SP and played live at Transamérica/RJ, Cidade/JF and Vitória University/ES.
One of the great female deejays of the scene in Rio de Janeiro, DRI.K never fails to suprise with eclectic and amazing sets, which include tech house, techno, minimal and electro. By adding beauty and charisma to her wonderful sets, she is capable of setting the mood in any party. When she is in charge, you can always expect lots of fun, filled of sexy and involving grooves.




Bookings BR:


Bookings US:


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Miami Underground Movement Proudly presents... Sweet Beats M.U.M. Episode 49
Rod B. & Alvaro Garfunk bring you the Miami Underground Movement


With only two years of occupation, Dri.k already played in several festivals and clubs in Brazil, Argentina, Europe and the United States. Formed by the Scratch DJ Academy in New York, Dri.k is able to surprise everyone with their sets and their mixes precise grooves. With an excellent musical tastes, can play both a deep house warm up as being at the center of a line-up, mixing in a unique way the Tech House, Techno, and Electro Minimal Tech. Dri.k of, wait for the insesperado!

Marie Bouret victory to all the places she pass, enchants the lovers of electronic music surprising them with her good taste and refined their technique. Besides having passed through numerous clubs and festivals in Brazil, recently made a tour in India, where she played in the cities of Goa, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Strolling by sections of the house, going to the Tech House Minimal Tech, Marie Bouret is a mixture of sounds in perfect harmony in September contagious.

Sets in their soil, Dri.k & Marie Bouret already shared the cabin with large national and international names, among them: John Acquaviva (CA), Funkagenda (UK), Olivier Giacomotto (IT), Alex Gaudino (IT), Dusty Kid (IT), Tino Morgado (UK), Thomas Pentone (USA), Anneli (SE), Eric Entrena (ES), Global Deejays (NE), Dan (CA), Mischa Daniels (NL), Gui Boratto (BR) Marky (BR), Meme (NZ), Leo Janeiro (BR), Marcelinho CIC (BR) and Anderson Noise (BR).

Sweet Beats, the union of two major revelations of the female scene electronics Rio.

Special Thanks to Dj Dri.K



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Miami Underground Movement Proudly presents Gabriel Ben(Teggno-Tattoo Detectives) live @ Blue South Beach pt2 M.U.M- Episode 48
Rod B. & Alvaro Garfunk bring you the Miami Underground Movement

Gabriel Ben live @ Blue South Beach Part 2
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Miami Underground Movement Proudly presents " Gabriel Ben(Teggno-Tattoo Detectives) live @ Blue South Beach@ M.U.M- Episode 47

Rod B. & Alvaro Garfunk bring you the Miami Underground Movement

Gabriel Ben is part of the next generation of techno producers/djs. Gabriel has captivated crowds over the years with his dancefloor unique sound and his vibrant energy. Although GB has been involved in the music industry for well over 10 years, its been only the last several which has allowed him to shine through the ranks and earn him the utmost respect from industry heads. GB also teamed up in 2005 with Tacopimp to form the group "Tattoo Detectives". Together they also created the record label "TeggnO" which started in 2007.

Gabriel began his dj career in 1987 without a source of income, so thanks to his brother who dj'ed at the time, Gabriel was able to get his hands on some equipment. The rest is history! Influenced by a local dj at a skating rink, Gabriel visioned himself in the booth one day playing to a crowd and getting people to move their bodies. Gabriel's love for all music styles grew, especially as he grew older and started visiting nightclubs where house music became his staple. Local pioneering DJ's like Timmy Tee, EC LaRock, Joe Callari, Robbie Tronco, Josh Wink and King Britt all influenced Gabriel Ben early on.

Production has also gone hand in hand with DJ'ing. Gabriel Ben began making original productions in 2002. GB's unique blend of funky, house, electronic and techno elements all come together to create some floor pounding productions. Gabriel's first production Mere Thoughts back in 2002 was immediately noticed by industry professionals. The track was charted number 1 on Sonic Foundry's Amateur Producers site for nearly 3 weeks, which was visited by more than a thousand people daily. Also the track was selected runner-up in the DMC-Mixer Magazine, and Roxio's United States DJ search contest. Gabriel Ben has since worked on and developed a number of original productions and remixes, but it wasn't until 2005 when he caught his first big break.

In 2005, Gabriel Ben asked Tacopimp to do some vocals on his track "In Ibiza" which lead to some excellent reviews from innerphaseny.com & dancemusic.about.com. The track also was charted globally by a few fellow techno industry heads. So quickly after that they teamed up to form "Tattoo Detectives. Their first track together as Tattoo Detectives, "ETC." was signed by the legendary Carl Cox for his mix CD "Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza" which was released by Intec Records in July 2006. Carl told Residentadvisor.com "This record is storming" and "Its pumping techno in its fury." Carl also went on to say the track represented the sounds of his legendary Space parties in Ibiza as quoted in the CD.

The follow up single "Il Salto Fuori"got even more support globally and by the likes of Paul Van Dyk & Carl Cox leading the way. The track charted on Cox's Top 10 for November & December 2006. and was picked by Coxy in his Best of 2006 Global Radio Show which aired 12.30.06. The support didn't stop with Cox. Paul Van Dyk has also been a big fan of the track and also been supporting the Gabriel Ben Exclusive Remix in his DJ sets and on his Vonyc Sessions & Frtiz radio shows. PVD used GB's mix in his "Cream Ibiza CD" which came out in June 2008.

The group's single "She Bleeps N' Bloops" got some notable recognition as it made headlines with URB magazine and BEATPORT, becoming a top seller on the internet’s most prominent download music store. "Like a Bitch" also caught on with industry support, and was charted by DJ Lucca. "Dirty Volume" has gained a ton of support, as a regular in Coxy's playlist as well as signed to Adam Sheridan's latest CD compilation on Goodgref. GB's "Days of Groove" track has also gotten some support globally, and to the likings of Technasia. GB's ep "I Love Music" featured the hits "I Love the 80's" & "Something Wicked This Way" which got plays from the likes of Carl Cox, Jon Rundell, amongst others. All the tracks and releases can be found on almost all the internet web stores including Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, and Dance Records.

The duo have also been captivating crowds with their DJ sets having played all across the US and globally on XM radio, Vonyc Sessions, Afterhours FM in Lima-Peru, Proton Radio and DJ Lucca’s Sound of Acapulco show in Czech Republic which aired New Years Eve in 2007. The duo was also invited by Cox to open for him at PACHA NY back in October 2007 for 4000 people. Now, they can be heard monthly on their Vonyc Show "TeggnO Sessions" airing every 3rd Tuesday. The duo are also frequent guests Afterhours FM aired in Lima, Peru, every couple of months. You can check the schedule to find out all the dates.

This year will see the release of several brand new singles and remixes from GB as well as Tattoo Detectives. Along with a little more international touring in Europe & Ibiza. With support by Carl Cox & Paul Van Dyk amongst many, talent in the studio and on the decks, Gabriel Ben's name and reputation is growing rapidly in 2008 and beyond...

"If you gotta take a drug to hear the music, then you really ain't down wit the shit from day 1 anyway..."

Special Thanks to Gabriel Ben

For Booking Inquiries:


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